All You Need To Know About Overlaying Toilet Tiles


In the majority of homes, re-tiling is a common sort of renovation. Although some people might view it as a laborious chore, it is actually quite the opposite—especially when carried out by a dependable and skilled tile contractor. A creative method to update your carpet without removing already-installed tiles is by overlaying them.

What really is tiled overlaying?

Most often used on vinyl and tile floors, overlaying tiles involves putting tiles on top of the old ones. Even though overlay thickens the flooring, most people won’t notice. Overlay toilet tiles is unquestionably more economical than completely removing old tiles and installing new ones because less effort is involved.

Advantages of tile overlay


  • It costs less to top than it does to hack and transmit the tiles. The former carpeting must be removed to hack, which is both times- and money-consuming. This could therefore take up to 3 or 4 days. You guarantee a more effective process, make sure to work with reputable tiling experts in Singapore.
  • Overlaying offers a level of safety for the surface. It serves as a cushion on top of the original tiles, enhancing the flooring’s general toughness.
  • In comparison to patching, overlapping tiles are much less expensive and time-consuming. With lower labor costs, you may save even more money!


Consider the overall process’s expenses, including such material and labor expenditures. You might wish to record the price of breaking and contrast it with the overall expense of adding new tiles on top. The more cost-effective method, which even gives a protective layer to your old flooring, has still been known to be overlaying tiles rather than cutting.